Richwood Marketing was born to provide world class creative services to any
Richwood Bank Business customer and other community banks, to share the
power of strong branding with our customers.

Website Design
Graphic & Logo Design
Content Creation
Digital Marketing
Photography & Videography

How do we measure success?

Your success determines our success.

We think it’s important to get started with a mutual understanding of your business goals. The first thing you can look forward to is meeting with our team to talk about what we offer and how we can help. We offer a diverse range of marketing services so our goal is to get to know you and your business and figure out what will have the most positive impact on your brand.

Once you decide on a marketing plan for your business, we’ll provide you with a timeline of when you can expect your deliverables–including print materials, digital material, graphics, social content,  etc.–or whatever else you may need.

Measuring success is unique to each client based on their needs—which is why we offer monthly reports that measure progress such as social media reach, engagements, and website visits. If we are tasked with digital amplification such as Google Ads, Social Ad Campaigns, OTT, Programmatic Display Ads, and/or Digital Radio, we have parameters set to measure click-through rates, conversions, and more based on the specifics of the demographic targets.

Meet The Team


Richwood Marketing is not your typical work team. We’re more than co-workers, we’re friends, which makes for a fun and supportive environment where everyone enjoys working together.  We believe that collaboration is key and the unique dynamic that we’ve cultivated has given us the ability to bring success to our team and our clients.

Our positive attitudes show (except for maybe Cody’s) in our work and in the way we interact with clients. If you’re looking for a marketing team that will bring creativity, laughter, and success to your project…you’ve found it here!