From mobile news feed ads, to right column ads, to Instagram ads, picking an ad type can be overwhelming. Throwing boosted posts into the mix – another type of news feed ad – Facebook ads are complicated. Their complexity, however, is what makes Facebook advertising so enticing.

Depending on your goals, your ad can reach a highly targeted audience. For example, say you have a business that specializes in basement problems – you can target people who are remodeling a home, have mold in the basement, are interested in waterproofing it, are male or female, ages 25-65+, and live within 15 miles of Columbus, Ohio.

But before you can even choose an audience that matters to you, you need to pick an ad type. It’s important to understand there’s quite a few options when it comes to Facebook ad formats – and new possibilities are released all the time. In fact, click-to-messenger ads on Facebook and Instagram were just released. Let’s simplify it a bit and talk about the differences between boosted posts and Facebook ads, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Boosted Posts

When you create a post and publish it to your page, a “Boost Post” option will appear in a blue box on the bottom right. This will bring up options to choose an audience, a budget and how long your boosted post will run for. Boosted posts are used to increase your post’s reach (its visibility) and engagement (reactions, clicks, shares). You can boost status updates, photos, videos and offers. Boosted posts show up in Facebook and on Instagram (if you have a connected Instagram account) as a “Sponsored” post.

Not sure what to boost? You might choose to boost your post right from the get go, but a better option might be to find your gems. A gem post is one that is doing well organically. It’s getting likes and shares all on its own. Is one of your posts doing well organically? If yes, boost it! It’s best to boost an organically high engaging post because it is already meaningful to your audience. When you boost it (pay for it to reach more people) you’ll get inexpensive clicks (because Facebook’s algorithms won’t have to work as hard to get people to notice it).


Paid Ads

Paid Ads are created through Facebook’s Ads Manager. The biggest difference between boosted posts and paid ads? Creating a paid ad campaign inside Ads Manager offers deeper targeting and is specific to your objective. Are you looking to show your ad to the maximum number of people to get them to install your app? Or maybe you’re wanting to drive more traffic to your website? These campaign types – and there’s more – can be created by developing a paid ad.

When you create a campaign, you have the option to run multiple ad sets to test and see which strategies are giving you the best results. Another benefit, when you get to the step of defining your audience – you can not only determine your perfect audience with detailed demographics, interests and behaviors, but also exclude people as well. When it comes to your budget, you can choose when you’d like your ads to appear. For example, you can show your ad from 6 am to noon, or every hour.

Rule of Thumb: An Example

Use boosting when you’ve created a post on your page, such as showing a video of your product that you want more people to see. Use paid ads when you want to get people to check out your products by taking a specific action, like clicking on a link to go to your online shop.

If you haven’t tried Facebook advertising yet and are ready to take the plunge, we’d like to think we’re experts at taking your social media presence to next level. We can help you choose the right ad formats, and much more. Learn more about us at RichwoodMarketing.com.


Written by Sierra Heaton

Richwood Brand Manager

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