Starting a new business can be a challenging life event. You’ve got a solid business plan, a new storefront, a fresh website, and capable staff. Now what? You want to get your name out there and really belong to the community. One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors is to collaborate with them. Collaboration can help you grow your network and community involvement.

Examples of how businesses can collaborate:

Team up

Local coffee shops can team up with a local bakery to offer sweet treats along with their coffee menu. Both businesses can shout out the other on social media and drive traffic to their location. Even better yet – this type of collaboration is that it doesn’t require a large financial investment.

Host a community business meetup

I recently attended a forum-style marketing event at a local winery with a speaker to get the conversation flowing. Everyone discussed topics ranging from the best way to spend your advertising dollars to how to retain employees. Businesses were able to talk freely about their struggles and gain a new perspective on some of their issues. The event was a win-win – the winery gained exposure and local businesses were able to network.

Encourage local

A local restaurant employs nearby farms for their locally sourced meats and vegetables. Not only is locally sourced food trendy and fresh, but it helps neighbors in your community.

All-in-one evening

A local caterer hosts newly engaged couples for a sample tasting, inviting local photographers, florists, and salons to offer their services. The couples have the opportunity to shop for their whole wedding package in one place.

Fellowship and fun

A local bakery teams up with a craft beer establishment offering pairings of baked goods with beers. They create buzz via social media, gaining exposure for both businesses. When you bring people together for food, drinks, and fellowship, they will associate your business with a fun, positive experience. And tell them to tell their friends!

The collaborative ideas are endless. Start by looking around your community and see what businesses you can team up with for beneficial growth. You will gain different perspectives, stay on top of trends, and grow your awareness of your community.


Written by Jeri Amrine
Operations & Media Coordinator

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