Let’s say you own and operate one of the 311 craft breweries in the state of Ohio, and want to promote it, but don’t know where to begin. Let’s also say there is a pandemic going on that has made things extra-challenging for you and your business.

Don’t worry! We are here to help.

Below are some helpful tips to get you started and to keep customers engaged with your business and aware of everything going on at your taproom during these wild times. Oh, you don’t own a craft brewery or taproom? That’s okay! Most of these tips can be applied to any kind of business looking to enhance their marketing and business potential in these unsure times.



Rules and regulations are seemingly ever evolving, so now is more important than ever to be sure that your information is correct and up to date across all platforms where your customers may find you. Be sure your hours of operation and any kind of COVID-safety procedures you want customers to abide by are stated clearly on relevant platforms (website, Google listing, Yelp, social media etc.). A checklist can be helpful in keeping track of where this information needs to be updated.



Taprooms are great places for people to gather, but unfortunately that can’t happen much these days. Now is a great time to practice making waves in the virtual world! You could host a live stream of your team brewing your product so customers can have a glimpse at some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business, and it would also give you a chance to speak about what goes into making your product. You could offer to answer questions from the chat as a way to connect with your customer.

Events like trivia night and karaoke could also been done in the virtual world. You could have your patrons record themselves singing a line or two from one of their favorite songs, sipping on one of your drinks, and posting it to your Facebook page. Some of the benefits of a trivia night would be having a set schedule for it which gives your customers something to look forward to and keeps your business top of mind.

Word of mouth is a great marketing tool for any business to get their name out there. Since everyone is essentially locked away in their homes for the most part, now is a great time to ask your customers to generate some content of their own. Ask your customers to post of a photo of their favorite beverage from your brewery, or a photo of a time they had there. Hold a contest to see who can guess how much barley is in one of your pint glasses – winner gets a free growler or t-shirt of their choice! 



Connecting with other local businesses is a great way to promote your business. Maybe you could partner with another local business and use their products in a new beer recipe and share their story on your page for some cross-promotion benefits. Or if there is an anniversary of a historical event coming up (moon landing, major movie release, etc.) you could brew something inspired by the event to honor it and connect to customers who may be fans of the same thing.

The possibilities are plentiful! Hopefully these tips help inspire you and will lead to further prosperity in your business.

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