We all know video is quickly becoming the go-to way to market your business. You can’t seem to scroll past posts on any given social media platform without seeing some sort of video advertisement. Although social media is the most prevalent way to showcase video, they can also be used for television commercials, movie previews at your local theatre, and can even be advertised on streaming platforms. While video is the quickest way to grab the attention of a potential customer, standing out from the rest of the content out there is vitally important in ensuring that your product or service is what leaves a lasting impression. Getting creative is key, and we have some ideas that can help you stand out!


Here are 3 creative ways to use video to market your business:


  1. Stop-Motion

As appealing as static photography can be, it’s easy to scroll right past a beautifully composed photo in the hustle-and-bustle of your social media feed. This could mean a potential customer not even noticing your product or service. While photography is vital for any given business, studies show that the human eye will gravitate towards motion over brightness, contrast, saturation, and other factors. Stop-motion effects are a great way to give some life to an otherwise static image. Even something as subtle as an unboxing .gif, a “boomerang” style photo, or a full-blown stop-motion commercial can almost certainly mean the difference in gaining attention than a normal image could. 


  1. Behind-The-Scenes Video

Going behind-the-scenes to see how your product is made – or how your service is completed – can be a very interesting insight into your business. Customers not only want to see the finished product, but want to know HOW the process is done! Transparency with how your business is conducted will not only make for appealing visual content, but it will give potential customers confidence in working with you. These videos could come in the form of office tours, how-it’s-made style videos, getting to know your employees or vendors, or even footage of your services being conducted in real-time. While this is a broad category of video, this can give you the freedom to get very creative with your team!


  1. Animated Story/Experience

Testimonial style videos can do wonders for a business. Having the confidence to put a customer’s interaction with your business on your website or social media page is a great way to bring in new customers… but why not take this a step further? Many companies tend to put this style of video out into the world, but it’s rather rare to see an animated recount of the customers experience! Giving the viewers a visualization of the customer’s experience is a great way to retain attention. Having a hybrid of a “real-life” testimonial video along with animated elements recalling the story and experience the customer had is the most effective way to communicate with this kind of video.


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Written by Nick Marzluf

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