Does your non-profit organization need a marketing boost? This year has been like no other and we understand that social distancing has forced many to rethink how they market to their audience. Large events, in-person fundraising auctions, and vendor fairs are on hold but don’t worry, hope is not lost.

So, how do you reach the masses when you can’t physically be in contact with them?

First, look at your email list and take some time to segment your list. This can help you target the right audience for your message. Do you need to speak to your current donors and build a sustainable relationship with them? What about reaching out to lapsed donors or a new market? Specific groupings will help you engage your different audiences with a more personal message.

Next, evaluate your donation process. Is making a donation to your organization easy? Could it be simplified? Most websites offer a plug-in to Paypal making payments an easy one-click process.

Last, and maybe most important, is to understand your digital and social media platforms and what they can do for you.

  • Google Advertising can help you bring your website to the top of Google searches. You can reach a targeted audience through Search Engine Marketing.
  • Putting a bit of your advertising budget behind a Facebook campaign can help you reach a targeted audience. This is a great way to show the impact your organization has on the community. You can even include a call to action and apply a Donate Now button making it easier for people to give to your cause.
  • Channel the younger generation. Millennials and Gen Z are more socially aware and ready to contribute to society. Make sure to reach them by building your Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok presence.

Make sure to tell a story. Get personal and let your audience know the importance of your cause. Video messages, photography, and visual graphics should be part of your marketing strategy. Online traffic is increasing, and stories can reach your market on an emotional and personal level. Show them what you are doing – think behind the scenes footage or how donations make an impact – and keep your mission in front of their eyes.

No matter which way you choose to get your message across, be sure you have engaging content. Every message you send should give insight into what is important to your cause.

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