Is now the time to refresh your website? Here’s four questions you can ask yourself to decide if it’s finally time to invest in a revived online presence.

  1. Does your website portray what your current business brand is?

In most cases, websites are built once and then they go to the backburner. It’s probably a safe bet to say that things have changed in your company since your website was last built. There’s also a pretty good chance that the first time a new customer is introduced to your business it won’t be because they walked into your storefront.

If your hours, locations, or products are wrong on your site, it won’t make a very good first impression. More than 81% of customers now perform some sort of online search before making a large purchase. That’s a huge percentage you should take advantage of.


  1. Do you have to pinch and zoom with your fingers to make your website big enough to read on your phone?

So you have a website? Check. Websites are probably the most important part of creating your digital footprint. Step 2… Is your website mobile friendly? More than 52% of customers searching your site is now coming from a mobile device. Many businesses think their website is mobile responsive because It loads on a smartphone or tablet. This is not the case.

If you have to pinch your fingers to zoom in on your site or your images and text appear cut off on your device, your website is not responsive. Not only is this important for user navigation, Google (The King of the Internet) now penalizes websites that are not mobile responsive. Which means you are less likely to show up on page one of their search results.


  1. Was your website built on a server that was better suited for dial up internet?

Let’s face it…. We are not patient anymore. We barely have enough time to live our life today! If your website is SLOOOOWWWWW you will lose loyal customers and potential new customers.

Research shows that bounce rate (people leaving sites) increases by 50% if your website takes two extra seconds to load. Websites can be slow for a number of reasons but if your website has you trying to remember what the next thing you have to get done today is, then it’s too slow.


  1. What do you really know about your website analytics?

Can you determine how many people went to your website last month? How about what pages are most popular, or where your customers are searching from? Your website should be a “part” of your sales team.

Think of paying for your website just like you would a salesman. Report on how well it does. To do this, Google Analytics should be added to your website so that reporting can be done daily, weekly, monthly or even annually on your site.


The good news

There has literally never been a better time for business owners to focus on building their online presence! This COVID-19 outbreak has pretty much all businesses (including ours) developing new ways to serve our customers. Do you own a restaurant that can currently only do carry-out? It would be so much easier with online-ordering on your website. Do you run a business that could gain customers from grabbing their attention online? If your website had a contact form that sent requests straight to your email you could complete sales from inquiry to delivery through your website.

Richwood Marketing can be your digital marketing team to take you into the future. We haven’t closed our doors due to COVID-19, we’re just “Staying at Home” helping our community businesses ready themselves for the lockdown to lift!

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