Leadership Team

Jordan Treadway

Director | Richwood Marketing

Jordan is the Director of the dynamic team at Richwood Marketing. In addition to creating stunning marketing materials for the bank (think social, print, signage, digital, video, graphics, websites), we also make our services available to business clients of Richwood Bank.

Cody Johnston

Interactive Media Director

As our digital guy, Cody’s all about giving our customers an advantage over their competition through websites and digital advertising. He leads our continual involvement into the ever-evolving technology of digital and social media.

Client Support Team

Jeri Amrine

Operations & Media Coordinator

Jeri is our talented photographer helping our clients brand their web presence with custom imagery. She also handles the robust job of coordinating printing and keeping billing organized.

Renee Hoffman

Client Manager

Renee aides our team in meeting, calling, and emailing clients to discuss their goals, visions and projects. She’ll make sure the right team member in our office gets your request.

Angie Thompson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Angie coordinates all of our media buying. She helps position your business in the best markets through the best digital tools that make sense for your industry.

Design Team

Robbie Warner

Art Director

Robbie’s design style is minimalistic and clean. He’s all about collaboration and knows it’s the best way to achieve a solid end result to build your business through impactful graphics.

Nick Marzluf

Multimedia Specialist

With a passion for graphic design, photography, and video production, Nick has a knack for making clients’ visions come to life. He’s able to bring brands to the next level with his video skills and collaborate with the team to strategically place these films in front of their ideal customers.