In the age of social media, an overwhelming amount of content is being uploaded to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, every single second. Blogs, advertisements, and photos are all being uploaded by both businesses and personal accounts. It can be hard to navigate through all of the noise. It can be even harder to be HEARD through the noise when trying to promote your business. When you first log onto your social media accounts what do you primarily see businesses use to promote their product or service? Video. What is the first thing that catches your eye as you’re scrolling? Again, video. This form of media has been the primary source of advertising, dating back to television commercials debuting. Even today, using video to promote yourself continues to become more and more popular. It’s essential to growing your business.

Here are 3 reasons why you NEED to use Video Marketing:


  1. A (Motion) Picture Tells A Thousand Words

If you have a product or service, what better way to explain how it works than to actually show it off? Using video, you’ll be able to directly show your potential customers. Simply using a written piece to explain your product/service may result in some customers not understanding it, or even discounting it entirely. A photo is more eye-catching than a simple paragraph describing your business, but does it tell a story?

For example – if you own a bakery business, you may post photos of your cakes that you created to use as social media advertisements. With just the photo alone, your audience can see the final product. While it may be a beautiful cake visually, the customer would not see the full picture – the story behind the cake. Using video marketing to push that same product, you can not only show off the final product itself – but you can explain the process of baking it, where your ingredients come from, share testimonials from other customers, and so much more. The more information you’re able to give the customer, the better!


  1. Increased Engagement

With the growing marketing form that is video, social media sites and other companies are taking steps to ensure that you are engaging with them. Facebook has implemented an auto-play feature on their videos, and has even added an entire “Watch” section based from content the site thinks you will enjoy. Instagram added video to the platform in 2013. YouTube is an entirely video based site. You are more likely in your day-to-day usage to stumble across a video on any of these sites, than a photo or other means of communication. Not only are you more likely to see the video itself – but your potential customers are more likely to engage with it.

Studies show that a user’s positive experience with a video ad will increase their purchase probabilities by 97%. Having both auditory and visual senses stimulated simultaneously will always result in more consumers being more likely to give your product or service their time and attention.


  1. Putting A Face to the Name

Using video to showcase your product or service has the most potential to be effective over every other medium. However, at the end of the day, it can be equally if not more important for customers to know whom they are doing business with. Being able to tell your story is more likely to resonate with potential customers, and give them the push to support your business. Knowing who you are conducting business with can dramatically increase customer retention.

Ask yourself, would you rather do business with a company and not know who is behind it? Or would you rather give business to a company where you can put a face to the name, know their story, and know exactly how their products are made? Most customers feel more comfortable providing business to companies they feel like they may “know personally”, even if it is just hearing how someone made the product they purchased from you.


Video is at the absolute height of content engagement and customer retention. More and more businesses, however small, are turning toward video to showcase their company. Having a strong, professionally crafted video showcasing your company, its products or services, its employees, and the way its business is conducted is a sure-fire way to create the most engagement possible with your potential customers. With their smartphone, everyone has access to video camera at all times. With this increased availability, video marketing is accessible enough that any business can do it themselves, no matter the budget! However, for best results, hiring a professional production company for your video can give you the professional edge, and help tell your story exactly how you’d like it to be told.


Written by Nick Marzluf
Multimedia Specialist

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