Custom Design Website Process

What’s Included:

  • Custom designed WordPress website to meet your needs and goals. We build mobile responsive sites that are clean, easy to navigate, yet professional sites that will be your best sales funnel.
  • Domain name and annual renewal included in monthly hosting plan so that you don’t have to worry about who holds the keys to your website and which credit card it was put on.
  • Optimized with YOAST Seo Plugin to drive more traffic from search engines. This means Google will know who you are and so will your customers.
  • Monthly reporting from Google Analtyics showing where you traffic is coming from and how they are getting to your site. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people actually go to your website each month?
  • One hour of website updates/changes each month to keep your content fresh/accurate. So if you decide your business is going to be open on Saturday’s now since you’ve gained all this new business we’ll change your hours on your site to make it show that too!
  • Contact forms to make commuicating with your customers easier than ever. There’s a good chance that your customers may rather connect with you through your site rather than picking up the phone to call you.
  • Secure hosting from safest WordPress host available, WPengine. These guys are flat out the best. They make your website fast and secure from the latest threats the internet bad guys throw at you.

The Process:

  • Step 1: Client Meeting

The brief is we first sit down and talk about the project with the client itself. It is also usually the most important step for both parties since everything discussed here will influence the end result. This is why the client must make sure to provide the clearest and most detailed brief possible.

  • Step 2: The Planning

During this step, through research and team brainstorming sessions, our team will outline the first ideas and concepts for the website that would fit the your specifications. Our team will create content to match your brand and work with your team to make sure your vision is met!

  • Step 3: Designing

This is the most exciting step where the website starts to take shape. Our web design team will now have all the data needed to start working on the actual look of this site and how it will work!

  • Step 4: The Reveal

The reveal phase is also where the client has a very important job – to help Richwood Marketing in the quality assurance testing of the website and to see what kind of user experience it offers. This is also where the client and Richwood Marketing can share opinions and suggestions on how to make the site match their vision for what they want to present to their customers!

  • Step 5: Launch

With everything up and running, Richwood Marketing will provide the client with all the deliverables agreed at the beginning of the project. Our customers will also receive training for properly using certain features of the site, such as an admin panel, customer management, and so forth.

  • Step 6: Maintenance

While the website is indeed live and perhaps it even exceeded all your expectations, that doesn’t mean there’s no more room for improvements. This is even more true as time passes and new trends emerge. Richwood Marketing will keep your website, current, secure and visible to your customers!

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