A branding photo session is a strategically planned photoshoot that allows a business owner to gain a photo bank of cohesive and on-brand photos for your website, emails, blog content, social media, marketing materials, and online shop. Instead of taking a few images here and there, we suggest doing a comprehensive branding photo session all at once, for several reasons.

  • Keeps photos consistent
  • Saves time by doing it “in bulk”
  • Ensures you’ll always have images on hand for multiple uses
  • Markets YOU

More than the typical headshot

When you think of a branding photo session, you may contribute the typical posed headshot to your brand. Sure, it’s an important staple, but a professional headshot image won’t build a connection with your audience.

Create a brand worth talking about by including imagery of yourself, your team, your workspace, and products. These images will help potential clients get to know you and begin to build trust.

Be authentic

Adding a collection of branded photos to your business provides the next level of client attraction. A polished brand that authentically shows your brand story is what will allow you to serve your clients best.

Put yourself out there. Your clients want to know you. Social media posts that feature personal stories always outperform other posts. People are drawn to people. They want to know the humans behind your business.

Save precious time

No more searching for stock images or wondering what to post on social media. With access to a library of branded images, you’ll always have consistent, fresh photos to drive content creation – saving time for all your digital and print marketing collateral.

Are you ready to give your business a visual extension to your brand identity?

Even if you don’t like being in front of the camera, our professional photographer will help you lay out a plan for how best to capture images that represent your brand.



Written by Sierra Dyer
Richwood Marketing Officer

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