Let’s be honest, nearly everyone is on social media. Your customers are on social media, your competitors are on social media, and you should be on social media, too!  About 3.8 billion people worldwide utilize social media, with many users logging on at least once a day.  While they usually do not log in with the expectation that they will be marketed to, this is a great opportunity to connect with consumers in a simple, fun, and personal way. If done correctly, social media can increase website traffic and make a lasting impact on your brand’s image.

Here is why your business should have a strong social media presence:

Target Specific Audiences

When you are marketing on social media, you can target your message to very specific consumers based on their demographic traits. For example, on Facebook, you can recognize potential customers through Facebook’s Ads Manager platform and then directly feed your ads to those consumers. Whether it be women between the ages of 45- 65, or male college students who enjoy football, knowing these values is crucial. It gives you a specific idea of who you will target, where you can reach them, and what type of content will engage them. Furthermore, you can even handpick distinct consumers that you want to repeatedly serve ads on their feed. Targeting your ideal audience provides them with information on your business without having to seek you out.


Want to cut your marketing expenses without sacrificing results? Social media marketing is the answer. Not only is social media easy to use but posting organically is free and Facebook Ads allow you to work with virtually any budget to jump into paid advertising. It is significantly cheaper than traditional marketing avenues such as flyers and direct mail and it helps establish a more personal connection with consumers. Just a few posts weekly can have significant results!

People all over the world are utilizing a variety of social media platforms, meaning that while you won’t be spending much on advertising your business, it could reach thousands of people around the globe.

Personal Connections and Feedback

Consumers today want to interact with content that is simple and entertaining. Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are casual, which provides a lot of opportunity for creative content and connection with their target audience. Consumers may not always be looking for what your company is offering, so social media is a way to keep current and keep your ideal customers posted on deals and updates in the company. Engaging with customers through conversation and your content will increase your customer loyalty and help your business to stand out. Social media can even connect you with consumers you didn’t even know existed.

By observing what your customers are interested in and talking about it on social media, you can make a better connection with them and ultimately better serve them. You can also listen to what they specifically think about your brand through customer comments or reviews, so you can see what you are doing well and what could be improved on.

Every post you make and each interaction you have on social media is an opportunity to convert a consumer into a customer. Taking advantage of social media platforms is an excellent and cost-effective way to spread awareness about your brand and increase customer loyalty. It is crucial to meet consumers where they are – and they are on social media!


By Abbey Hubbs
Marketing Intern, Richwood Marketing

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